Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving is Coming and I'm Thankful I Can Have Surgery!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I am not prepared! No surprise! Maybe it counts a little that I bought the big box of bread crumbs for stuffing at Costco last week. Now for a turkey and a few other necessities so that the family can make our Thanksgiving Dinner. That's right, I'll probably be watching or maybe even sleeping on the couch because I will be having surgery the day before!

Art and I went to see my Plastic Surgeon on Monday to discuss having the implant relocated and removing the other small lump. As he is assessing the situation and leaving no room for modesty, he asked about the remaining tissue under my arms. I quickly said, "well I would love to have it removed but you said that would be an out-of-pocket expense and we can't afford it". His response shocked me! He said that recently they have been able to do such surgeries as a covered procedure following mastectomy surgery, especially for women like myself that were large busted prior to cancer. I was speechless for a second and then responded, "sign me up". Seriously, you have no idea how uncomfortable this issue (or tissue) has been for me and how often I've wished (and prayed) that it could be done. This is a huge blessing!!

He asked when I wanted to have the surgery and Art and I had already discussed some options. We definitely want it done before the end of the year because I've met my deductible for 2010. Then, the doctor said he could do it next week. Are you serious? He was and I agreed to it! So the plan was to have it done Tuesday, which would give me Wednesday to recover a bit before Thanksgiving Day. Yesterday I receive the call saying that the hospital doesn't have any availability for Tuesday but they could do it Wednesday...ugh...deep breath...the day before Thanksgiving, are you serious? Well, that's the plan now and seemed like the best solution for several reasons. The following week is Sherry's birthday and the kids are planning to go to Disneyland. I knew they would cancel if I was having surgery. The week after that is my mom's 80th birthday and we are planning a little party. I also have "clients" closing on their home that week. Then we get closer to Christmas and all the festivities! So it's settled, next Wednesday, unless they have a cancellation for Tuesday.

I text Art this morning and asked him if I was crazy. Fortunately for me, I have a hubby that loves to cook and be in the kitchen, accompanied by two wonderful daughters that are great cooks, as well. Of course I can't forget Josh, my 9 year old grandson who aspires to be a chef someday and is always excited about helping in the kitchen.

God is good and His provisions always come at the right time!


OneHappyfamily said...

Let everyone prepare for you this year. It will bless them to be able to do that for you. We love you, and you will be in our prayers.